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Startracks Custom Power Seat Lifts

Startracks powered assistive seat lift was developed for people who have any difficulty ascending or descending steps. The technology is primarly targeting recreational vehicles, but can include any application that provides the proper installation criteria, which is not demanding. A non-destructive mount installation by the door of your RV is a small price to pay for the liberties enjoyed. Our seat lift can be installed in campers, Class A, B, and C motor homes, fifth-wheel trailers, camper trailers, and van conversions. You can still enjoy all the fun and luxury of traveling in the RV you already own.

The lift can be installed on either side of the entry door of many RV's and on the right side as you exit in a front entry vehicle. It is powered by a 12 Volt DC motor with hydraulic actuator and operated by a wireless remote system much like the one you use to lock and unlock a car door. The required space to install the lift is 9 inches wide, 4 inches deep and 72 inches in height.

The carrier arm/articulating hinge that the seat is attached to moves up and down from the operation of a wireless remote. Safety switches are installed internally. When you are ready to enter or exit the vehicle, the user sits on the seat and uses the remote to lower or raise themself. A simple push transports oneself in or out of the entry door. The seat is easily removed by lifting it off of the carrier arm/articulating hinge. The seat can be stored inside the vehicle or in an external cargo bay. The carrier arm/articulating hinge can be lowered into the step well for travel.

01 Fleetwood Install

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13 Four Winds RV Install

13 Foretravel RV Install

15 Menville Special Care

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17 Compact Rotary Lift

18 Monaco Seat Lift

19 Tiffin Seat Lift

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23 Monaco Shower Seat

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Tiffin Phaeton RV Seat Lift
30 Tiffin Phaeton Seat Lift
2006 Tiffin Allegro Seat Lift
32 Tiffin Allegro Seat Lift
2002 Fleetwood Expedition Seat Lift
33 Fleetwood Expedition
2003 Winnebago Journey DL Seat Lift
34 Winnebago Journey
Startracks Custom Power Seat Lifts engineers hydralic and screw driven platforms. The term lift seat is for home chairs. Our service to the invacare industry include wheelchair, wheel chair lift, handicap van and handicap vans. Our seat shower, commode shower chair, or shower seat uses the same technology. Accessible vans and handicap van use lift chair and platform lifts. Recreational vehicle, motorhomes, conversion vans, travel trailers, toy haulers all can be fitted with accessibility lifts. Please use our contact form to learn more!.
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