Leadership 71 6-Way Transfer Seat Base

The L71 is a 6-Way Transfer Seat Base for multiple applications but used primarily for the passenger side of both converted and non-converted vans. The L71 may also be used in vans older than 1996, where there is no airbag sensor that needs to be negotiated. Available in both driver and passenger position, the L71 is very customizable. The 6-Way Transfer Seat moves forward and back, raises up and down, and swivels.

6-Way Transfer Seat Base
Travel Horizontal: Driver 14 3/8” Passenger12 3/8”
(Both Driver and Passenger L71 travel 3″ further back when in the full up position)
Travel Vertical: 6 1/2”
Swivel: 100º
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

Driver 28 1/2” Passenger 26 1/2”
Width: 16 1/4″
Down Height: 6 1/4″
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